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18th August 2014

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Wait, are we seriously getting only 12 episodes this series?! Why?! Every other series had 13 episodes counting the Christmas special! Why are we getting cheated out of an episode?

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18th August 2014

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don’t you hate it when you sneeze so hard that you regenerate

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14th August 2014

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14th August 2014


Starting to rewatch series 7 of Doctor Who on Netflix in preparation for the series 8 premiere next Saturday since they finally added the 50th & Christmas specials :)

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13th August 2014

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Holy shit! Netflix has finally done it! Every single episode of Doctor Who can now be streamed! My attention was called to the fact that they finally added the 2 most recent specials when a friend tweeted she was watching The Day of the Doctor. But just now I got to thinking & sure enough- Planet of the Dead & A Christmas Carol now stream too! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I no longer have to go to my torrented files if I want to watch these- or worse- if I’m doing a marathon. & I don’t have to tell newbies they’ll have to find another source for these! Thank God! I have seriously been waiting a long time for this! It just too bad that we’re just over a week from the new series & it’ll be forever before that ends up getting posted :p

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6th August 2014

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One more time, sir. How the hell did you get into the command module?

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22nd July 2014

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I swear to God if one more stupid fandom ruins a beautiful text post i am calling the police.





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18th July 2014

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I didn’t understand that reference at first so I looked it up and apparently there were fifty-seven academics who theorized that Shakespeare was gay/bisexual.

Also, sonnet 57 is supposed to be about a guy that Shakespeare was in love with.

The Doctor remarks at one point in this episode that a skull looks like that of a Sycorax. Shakespeare claims he’s using that word, as he likes it. There is a Shakespeare character called Sycorax. #researchpayskids

I always love it when this shows up on my dash.

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13th July 2014

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5th July 2014

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I see into your soul, Doctor. I see Beauty. Divinity. Hatred.” [x]

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